1. penguintim:

    Ugh, why are Tumblr SJWs so hypocritical? It’s almost as if they’re thousands of different people with different characteristics from varying backgrounds, and not the completely neutral hive mind I make them out to be in order to veil my bigotry… Fuck social justice :(

  2. findchaos:

    ChaosLife: Society’s New Rules* (*According to the Internet)

    Ah, the internet.

    Probably one of the greatest psychological experiments ever created, allowing people to reinvent society through the (almost) impenetrable power of anonymity.  And since K and I usually do our damnedest to throw text-based punches against the mean-spirited, it seems only fair that we knock around the internet puritans a little bit, too. Or as it was better put:

    “I detest what you write, but I would give my life to make it possible for you to continue to write.” - Voltaire, probably. The internet fights about that, too. Is nothing sacred? You still get the idea.

  3. mister-skulls:

    My least favorite thing about Tumblr is how social issues spread by reasonable people eventually fall into the hands of complete and utter lunatics who make everything into us-versus-them issues and turn opinions and ideologies into permanent states of being

  4. mosoli:

im still laughing at this


    im still laughing at this

  5. oxtongue:


    here i just made this little photoset on how people react to serial killers on tumblr.com

    enjoy ^__^

    (click on each pic to read some actual quotes i’ve taken from people’s blogs (for the left one obviously)

    no dude, this is just people in general.

  6. why is tumblr refusing to upload photos

    does it hate me because i don’t live in canada or something

  7. jotarokujo:

how 2 credit!!!!


    how 2 credit!!!!

  8. Sometimes I save things as drafts instead of posting/queuing them

    because I don’t like the way certain posts look together (but in reality, nobody cares.)

  9. dude theres this tumblr called taiwanesefood and it’s the best food blog ever

    brb reblogging everything

  10. I feel bad for people who follow my tumblr after I post a lot of food

    because sometime later on, they end up with non-food-related post spam on their dash and are probably just like where the fuck did this come from

  11. Updated the index!

    Because really I just use tumblr as a massive image archiver. Browsing tags with this theme is 

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